Healing Power! What’s the Source?

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We all have heard about, some have seen pictures of, and a few have witnessed, and there is that rare person who has experienced walking on and through ankle deep white hot coals of fire without injury to skin and feet.   From where does the protection against burns and injury come?  One rather well known doctor, Andrew Weil M.D. who teaches “Integral Medicine” in a medical school in Tucson, Arizona tells on the Internet how he was able to safely walk through 40 feet on extremely hot coals with no discomfort or even a sensation of heat, yet at another time when he attempted the same feat with only a six foot walk with cooler coals, he was burned.  He summarized this change of protection by saying that this time there was no pre-exciting rituals, no charismatic leader.

People receiving acupuncture, therapeutic touch, doing yoga, using applied kinesiology, being hypnotized and hundreds of additional alternative therapies may have experienced or have witnessed others who had rapid, pronounced, and apparently true improvement or healing.  Do these therapies alter or manipulate our physiology which functions by known laws of science?  Is it that we simply do not yet know the physical laws by which these spurious healings take place?  This is a legitimate question needing an answer.  The following few paragraphs will be an attempt to give answer from a Christian’s point of view.  Stay with me and see if you find anything here that makes sense to you.

From a Biblical world view there is only one source of power, knowledge, and wisdom, and that comes from a Creator God.1  The Biblical story tells of disruption of peace and harmony in the heavenly realm.  The chief created being, an Angel/Lucifer, wanted to be equal with God’s Son2 and rebelled.3   He was cast out of heaven with one third of the angels into the earth and came to deceive the whole earth into joining him in rebellion against God.4   This fallen angel, Lucifer, the dragon, the serpent, was allowed great power as is recorded throughout the Bible.  However he and his power are subservient to the power of God and his loyal angels.  Stories of Satan’s use of his power are told throughout the Bible.  In Egypt before Pharaoh the priests of Egypt threw down their rods which became serpents, then Aaron’s rod under the power of God also became a serpent but ate up the serpents of the priests.5   Jesus was tempted by Satan who was able to place Jesus on the top of a pinnacle of the temple, and also took him to a high mountain and shown by Satan all the kingdoms of the earth of the future.6

The people of Israel were forbidden on pain of death to do witchcraft such as to conjure up the dead, illustrated by the story of King Saul visiting the witch of Endor in the middle of the night.7  Just before Israel was to enter Canaan God warned Israel not to get involved in Satan’s magic arts.8   God was destroying those nations because of their involvement in Satan’s magic.  Jesus warned his disciples of great deception by Satan to come in the future,9 Paul warned the early Christians similarly.10  The apostle John in the book of Revelation gives a special warning concerning the deceptions and power of Satan just before the second coming of Christ to the earth.  John foretold of miracles Satan would perform even to the bringing of fire down from heaven in the sight of men and by miracles through earthly powers.11   The closing events to take place before the literal coming of Christ in the Clouds will be a spiritualistic movement to bring all the world under one banner to oppose those who keep the commandments of God and have the faith of Jesus.12   The Apostle John in vision saw “three unclean spirits” which looked like frogs and which were “spirits of devils working miracles, which go forth unto the kings of the earth and of the whole world, to gather them to the battle of that great day of God Almighty.”

You see, there are two sources of miraculous power, the power that God has allowed Satan to wield and God’s all encompassing power.  So because we see what appears to be or may actually be a healing does not identify the source of healing.  Satan’s counterfeit system of health and healing has a powerful influence.  It is used as an entering wedge to bring transformation of one’s core values from being grounded in a Judeo-Christian mind-set to one of Eastern pantheism. A set of questions has been prepared to help a person more safely determine the source of power in a healing method. See in this web site “http://spiritualisticpractices.com”, then click on “Exposing Spiritualistic Practices in Healing” tab, then click on “discernment” tab.

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