How can I determine if a therapy is spiritually safe?



Set 1. What is the origin of the method? By whom, where, when, why?
Was it tested by independent scientists and were the results consistently positive?
Does it have a history of occult or mystical associations?
Does its originator have a history of psychic and or Eastern mysticism beliefs?
What is the long term history of the originator?


Set 2. What other treatment methods does it utilize or associate with?
Who uses it? Is it similar to other alternative treatment methods yet with a slight
variation and with a name change?


Set 3. Is it said to balance, unclog, infuse, or correct energy? Does it promote concepts of
“frequency,” “vibrations,” “electromagnetic forces?” Does it find the power of
correction or healing from inside our bodies, from self? Where does it lead to? Do the
proponents of it claim that it raises level of consciousness? Do you receive electric like
shock sensations, feeling of great warmth, deep love, tingling of your body or
extremities, becoming one with all of creation, etc.?


Set 4. Does the treatment harmonize with known laws of science?
Does it promote known laws of health and point to God’s laws of health?
Is there solid data from science testing that supports it value?
Does it have a track record of observation by qualified appraisers?
What are the critics saying about it and what are their credentials?


Set 5. What or who receives the credit for healing?
What qualifications does the promoter or practitioner have?




Questions above were originally in Mystical Medicine by Warren Peters M.D. and adopted by Biblical Research Committee of General Conference of SDA in their article Seventh-day Adventists and the New Age Movement (1987). Several questions have been added by Edwin Noyes M.D.

Have you noticed? Nowhere are the questions asked, was the treatment effective, was the individual receiving therapy benefited? Why are not such questions at the head of the above sets of questions? Because occult power (Satan’s power) is able to heal. (II Thess. 2:9; Rev. 13: 14; Rev. 16: 14; Rev. 19:20) See Selected Messages II by E.G. White, Miracles Not a Test for God’s Favor, pp. 48-55.

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